Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online2How else can bring internet to life as Google can?! Universal Design Studio and sister company MAP created the 3D designs and architecture for this Google Web Lab exhibition. A series of web-connected, interactive physical experiments. Having a live connection with London’s Science Museum and open to the world through, watch the exhibition online 24-hours a day through webcams that are installed at the museum! Architecture and design tools help to deconstruct technology and tell the story of how digital and physical realms are connected.Google_web-lab-universal-design-studio-MAD-3d-design-london-exhibition-webcam-online3

Location - London
Client - Google
Photographer - Andrew Meredith
Works - 3D Design and Architecture
Specification - Exibition



When you travel, the most important is the destination. Where do you want to go and what do you want to see and experience. When you’re plans are to go to Nantes in France, this is the place to stay! It’s a modern, minimalist Okko Hotel, with beautiful designs and details. Rooms with pastel colors and have the “Less is more” concept. The designer, Patrick Noguet, told, we removed a lot of useless things to focus the guest on the well being of the user and integrate more information and services using new technologies.okko-hotel-interior-minimalistic-architecture-pastel-color-france-nantes-design-concept-2

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Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-Bianca-Luini-01 Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-Bianca-Luini-02 Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-tumblr_Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-tumblr_mp4danyKdY1su96nuo1_1280Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-Bianca-Luini-08 Whereiseefashion-thumblr-website-fashion-art-inspiration-Bianca-Luini-09

A Tumblr by Bianca Luini, showing how beautiful inspiration can be for fashion. She pick the most amazing shot to show the inspiration that may have been used by the fashion designer! The colors, structure and material matches.. You just got to love the Tumblr also follow her on Instagram!

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| The Magical Paper Statues Of Li Hongbo |

Incredible paper statues made by artist, Li Hongbo. Creating a statues that look like real, concrete hand cute roman heads, but look real close and see that the statue is made using 20,000 layers of paper stacked and glued together. Inspired by traditional chinese paper decorations as well as a personal long-standing fascination with paper, and looking back at his student days (recalling the times he had to reproduce the classical sculptures like Michelangelo’s David). So amazing to see this in the movie. Go and see Li Hongbo’s first solo exhibition in the United States at New York’s Klein Sun Gallery 
| 525 West 22nd Street New York, NY 10011 |

”In my art, I like using subjects that we often see. Quite ordinary, quite natural {…},”  Li Hongbo.

Li-Hongbo-Statues-in-Motion-Kid-Guy-Collective-Klein-Sun-Gallery-Scott-LynchPhotograph Scott Lynch

Chanel Supermarkt A/W 2014

chanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014-outfit-karl-lagerfeld-cara-Delevingnechanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014-foodCara-Delevingne-chanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014chanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014chanel-supermarkt-fashionshow-fashion-paris-week-2014-outfitChanel-watertje-anyone_referenceIf their was a supermarket like this, I would visit it all day everyday! Chanel transformed for their A/W collection 2014 the Grand Palais in a fantastic Chanel Supermarket. The most awesome supermarket you’ll ever see! Every product is available in Chanel packaging, from “Coco flakes”, “Eau de Chanel”, “Tagliatelle Mademoiselle”  and a lot more..

The Fashion Show of Chanel always turns into a spectacular experience and every show will excite you more.


hotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-4-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewIf their is a Hotel I would like to go and visit, it is definitely this fantastic Hotel Bikini. A project by hotel group25hours and KEC Architects, joining forces to build progressive and modern structures that provide urban oases and restorative design.

The Hotel has a lot to offer, rooftop restaurant and bar with a 360 panorama view,  cool urban jungle designs, industrial design, fireplace, a greenhouse to relax, plants becoming living walls!hotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-3-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewhotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-2-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewhotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-8-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewhotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-5-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-viewhotel-bikini-berlin-25hourhotels-design-hotels-6-KEC-arcitects-design-interior-restaurant-view


Found these amazing sushi Nori rolls, developed by creative agency I&S BBDO for the Umino Seaweed shop. The “Design Nori” are laser-cut and are to be used for rolling Sushi.
There are 5 designs:
‘sakura’ : ‘cherry blossoms’
‘mizutama’ : ‘water drops’
‘asanoha’ : ‘hemp’
‘kikkou’ : ‘turtle shell’
‘kumikkou’ : ‘tortoise shell’

This project was commissioned to give a boost in the sale of nori (2012), currently for the price of 840 yen (approx. 10 USD)

QUATTRO SKIHUT by Designliga

QUATTRO-Design-skiingarea-Audi-Obergurgl-hochhurgl-lift-company-Austria-Designliga-car-hightechQUATTRO-Design-skiingarea-Audi-Obergurgl-hochhurgl-lift-company-Austria-Designliga-car-hightech4 QUATTRO-Design-skiingarea-Audi-Obergurgl-hochhurgl-lift-company-Austria-Designliga-car-hightech3 QUATTRO-Design-skiingarea-Audi-Obergurgl-hochhurgl-lift-company-Austria-Designliga-car-hightech2Skiing in style visit this restaurant located in the Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, a ski region in Austria. The newly designed on the mountain Restaurant is opened shortly before the big ski season. Designed by creative agency Designliga and a partnership between Audi and  Obergurgl-Hochgurgl Ski Lift Company. The restaurant is designed in inspiration of the QUATTRO, Audi‘s all-wheel-drive technology. Giving the customers a QUATTRO experience.

Combining the old restaurant and the high-tech new design with lightweight materials shows a great appearance between the skiing area. On the tables the customer can get more information about the QUATTRO or get access on the surroundings of the skiing area.